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Para navegar en la red sin cables (wires) necesitas . Para hacer videos de tu familia puedes usar . Cuando vas a un sitio web, lo primero (the first thing) que ves es . Si alguien te llama a tu celular y no respondes, te puede dejar un mensaje en . La red de computadoras y servidores más importante del mundo es . Para encontrar información en la red, usas un .

Victoria Fowler

in Spanish

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on November 3, 2018

Lol, I'm glad that I'm not going to take Spanish classes in high school because I'm Latin, LOLTo surf in the internet without cables, you will need to....To make videos of the family can use....When you go to a web site, the first thing you see is that...If someone calls you from the phone and do not answer, you can leave a message on...The internet of computers and the most important servers in the world (wut .-.) it is...find information on the internet that you use...I translated..hope this helps? xx

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