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Other Than Study Cards, Which Other Study Tools Are Ideal for MCAT Exams?

I’ve registered for the MCAT April 5th and already cleared the content review for both Physical and Biological Sciences. With quite some time before the test, I’m worried that the content may leak slowly as the months go by. This is regardless of my commitment to ensuring I complete a study quiz every day.

My question is whether it would be recommendable to use flash cards to keep the material fresh or should I proceed to multiple practice MCAT as an option for retaining whatever I have learned? What other MCAT study tools can serve a similar purpose effectively? Which ones are genuine?

If you’ve used study cards to study, did you find them helpful or did they waste your time? Thanks.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Derrick Little on March 20, 2018

When studying and preparing to sit for the MCAT, any free online tool can be a godsend. The resources may assist you to grasp an idea of what you’ll study and how you’ll go about it. Moreover, the tools are entirely portable. I’ve used a study card now and then, and they turned out to be an ideal way of learning several topics especially in Bio.

Just like most online resources, it may be difficult to pick through the legitimate resources and those that are not. To guide you on this, this list of study tools for MCAT will be helpful.

  • Khan Academy

This is a crucial tool that is ideal for reinforcing concepts and visually teaching. The developers and AAMC have partnered to offer practice questions and video tutorials for each MCAT section. These short videos are easy to understand since they are very conversational. Since you can clear up confusing areas and review a concept in different perspectives, they can work well alongside the 300 MCAT lessons by Magoosh.

  • AAMC Content Outlines

The outlines are perfect as you study for your MCAT since they tell you whatever you need to know right from the source. Whichever test-prep materials you prefer using, the outlines will still help you focus on your studies. To use the outlines effectively, you will need to list the topics on your outline and put checks by them as you learn. You will work through every item on the list till all the topics have been checked.

  • Magoosh

If you wish to take your study for the MCAT to the next level now, then this is the ideal tool. Its MCAT lesson is composed of more than 700 practice questions, 300 video lessons, and unlimited access to tutors by phone or email. Additionally, these lessons are offered by a team of experts that includes a CARS expert, a physics teacher, two physicians, and a professor (medical sociology).

  • Student Doctor Network (SDN)

This tool is more like a discount store’s bargain bin as it contains really great stuff that you can access by doing some digging. Answers for virtually any quiz of study concerning medical school can be accessed here. The toll also has application forums where you can discuss every medical school in the United States and beyond. Furthermore, it offers a wealth of information on interview prep, study techniques, as well as insights from medical students, attending physicians and residents.

Eric Bates2 years ago

The study tools for MCAT have been perfectly highlighted. Studying cards are the go-to solution if you need to solidify reactions and PS formulas, but they are more instrumental in the bio. I developed my own cards according to the areas in which I was weak and went through them weekly. In as much as you would need a biology foundation that is generally solid, you will go further by reading comprehension. Out of the over 500 cards I had made, only a number below 10 percent came from whatever I had in my cards, and the rest of the questions were passage based.

Regular practice is what you should adopt since the test is usually passage-heavy, requiring you to be able to face new ones constantly in an efficient manner. Notably, you can only develop a sense for such by practicing on tests and passages. While the process trains your mind to maneuver through passages, it also increases your endurance levels to be able to overcome testing fatigue.

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