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One problem with using e-mail is that ______. a. People will think you are a nerd if you use e-mail b. E-mail is considered too formal for most communication c. Once e-mail is sent out, it cannot be taken back d. E-mail is expensive to use and maintain

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 7, 2019

In regard to this problem, taking into account the options that are presented is critical and has to be identified. The most likely and the most likely answer to be the correct answer is C. Once your email is sent, you cannot retrieve it.In some cases, the e-mail can not be sent to the receiver of the email due to some factors such as the connection to the internet of the issuer, the amount of information that it currently owns, and so on and so forth. There might have already been solutions for this that come in forms of applications, extensions and others, but once the email is sent, you can not give back.

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