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Ocean ridges form as a result of _______. a. slab pull b. the upwelling of magma from the asthenosphere c. sediment being deposited from the ocean d. all of the above

Victoria Fowler

in Geography

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 12, 2018

The correct answer is b. the upwelling of magma from the astenosphere.The mid-ocean ridges, the way in which the boundaries between two tectonic plates, or more specifically, in the divergent boundaries that are found in the ocean. They are essentially a very long underwater mountain ranges.When there is a divergent boundary between tectonic plates, the plates are moving away from each other, so that the layer at the line of separation far more thin. Because the crust is increasingly thin, the magma from the mantle layer manages to push through it, and as it cools quickly in water and makes new crust, which at first manifests as a mid-ocean ridge.

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