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No me gusta esta falda. prefiero . (that one) voy a comprar pantalones verdes. (these) ?dónde compraste abrigo? (that) ?viste a chicas? (those over there) tú compras esa camisa y yo compro . (this one) ?cuáles prefieres, los zapatos marrones o negros? (those over there) carlos me compró aquel sombrero, pero prefiero usar . (this one) ?cuánto cuesta camisa azul con rayas rojas? (this) ?vas a gastar dinero en botas rojas? (those over there) ?ricardo, calcetines no hacen juego! ponte éstos. (those)

Kristi Hammond

in Spanish

1 answer

1 answer

Ashley Howard on November 9, 2018

I do not like this skirt. I prefer . (that) I'm going to buy pants green. (these) ?where you bought coat? (that) ?he's wearing a girls? (those[?]) you buy that shirt and I I buy . (this) ?what do you prefer, brown shoes or black? (those[?]) Carlos, I bought that hat, but I prefer to use . (this) ?how much costs a blue shirt with red stripes? (this/a) ?you're going to spend money on red boots? (those[?]) ?Ricardo, socks do not match! please these. (those would be those, they would be these)

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