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Name two warning signs of suspect health products/services being offered on the Internet.

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Samantha Barber on March 7, 2018

Answer :1. Danger Asbestos2. FLA warns of symptoms of mesh problems.Explanation:Many types of merchandise are oversubscribed on the internet, not all of which are authentic. The merchandise that are copied or faked are normally found on web sites unreliable, which are the subject of spam. On the other hand, goods and services the false promise of the results; for example, the diet pills claiming that I'm not going to help you lose twenty pounds in a week. The common place of asbestos for the asbestos fibers to enter the body through the breathing. In fact, the materials that contain asbestos is not thinking about the damaging less that cathartic release or fibers in the air wherever it is going to be drawn or eaten.

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