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My mom is considering taking me to episcopal high school. Would you recommend this school?

My mom was thinking of taking me to a private high school and Episcopal high school crossed her mind. She’s asking what I think about this. I like EHS too but I have other alternative school options to pick from and I have yet to make a decision. This is why I need to hear people’s opinions about the Episcopal private school. Some info on private school rankings could help me in my big decision about which school to pick. I need to make the right choice now because I don’t want to change schools during my high school years.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 25, 2018

EHS rankings can tell us a lot about the performance of the high school. According to’s best Christian high schools in America ranking, episcopal ranks position 31 out of 1456. Additionally, Episcopal was rated 55th among the best 246 best private boarding high schools in America. Among the best private high schools in America, Episcopal came out as number 207 out of 3497. It outranked 3434 alternative schools, by taking position 214 in the list of the best college prep private high schools in America. The most notable position of EHS in the rankings of private schools is being number one among all Christian high schools in Virginia. Episcopal high school also performed well among the best boarding high schools in Virginia by taking position 6 out of 103. It became the 41 most diverse private high school in Virginia out of 162 schools.

According to an anonymous parent survey response, episcopal private school is one of the best investments a parent can make. As per the independent survey, 97 out of a hundred EHS alumni and 92 out of a hundred episcopal school past parents/guardians valued the service received as good or high quality. This information was taken from surveys run by Virginia Association of Independent Schools, TABS-The Association of Boarding Schools as well as Episcopal’s community surveys. This shows that the survey was confidential and conducted appropriately meaning that the information presented can be trusted. I can therefore recommend the school to a kid seeking to join a good high school.

Episcopal is a school that best prepares you to go to college. What sets the high school apart from other competing boarding schools is its unique location. EHS students are always in exposure to the world as the school is located outside the capital. Where other boarding schools are so confining, Episcopal is very good at offering off campus activities. Some students get the opportunity of attending presidential inaugurations, working for senators or touring the pentagon.

A kid who enters EHS as an average student with little self-esteem and less than average perfomance at middle school, will experience superior academic transformation. It is possible to become a different student quite honestly. The biggest change will be in your academic performance.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

At Episcopal high school, it will be possible to become smart in a manner you hadn’t experienced before in your earlier years. I studied at EHS and there were highly successful individuals to look up to. After spending 4 years in this private high school, I knew I wanted to become just like those people. After years of academic learning, mentorship and hard work, I became a confident academician. I finally became part of Cum Laude Society after being elected in my senior year. I got a merit scholarship to join one of the best colleges. The school has done so well in the private school rankings. So as an incoming student, do not fear change. Moreover, befriend an adult that gets you. Listen to advice that comes your way and soak in every drop of knowledge that they may give you.

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