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Must university worthwhile?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on July 10, 2018

Answer 1: Should University is a diploma mill". Stay away from him! And it's not just an everyday bracelet, look. Higher education, distance form of learning and technology, accreditation and diploma/degree mills have in all areas of its consulting company specializing. Believe me when I say that there is, literally, the plant tracks.. by the way, terms such as "diploma mill" and/or "factory certificates", shall have the meaning. They are not terms of derogatory comments used to describe sub-standard schools, as some people have mistaken the use of this term. . Diploma mills print up fake diplomas that have what you want in them, or who apply for diplomas schools and the real, and real degrees. Diploma mills, mainly seminars, print, similar to when one will get a lot of business cards and letterhead blank. Degree mills pretending to be real schools, but believe me, not. They literally sell degrees for a price, they require little or no real scientific work; and, as a rule, arguing that could grant the degree of "life experience". Not to be confused with a certain extent, the windmills actually offer courses, or to require their students to read a few books or write a couple of articles. They do this to create the appearance of legitimacy, but it does not require anything, not even close to what people in the academic world universal agreement constitute, to a certain rigor, academic.. diploma mill". Period.. more safe protection of the diploma and degree mills to make sure that whatever school you are considering accredited by an Agency approved by the Ministry of Education (USDE), and/or UDSMA punished for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).. Just look at any school that you think one or both of UDSMA and/or CHEA databases. If the school you are considering has at least one of them, then we say that the school is NOT accredited, no matter what your web site says. I put links to both at UDSMA and CHEA databases "sources and related links" part of this web page, and then.. Never believe what is on the website of the school claims. Always, always, always, take a minute or two (that's all you need) to see the school one or both UDSMA and/or CHEA databases, and verify that said school will appear in at least one of them. If you can't find it in the database, to look elsewhere. To allow these databases, and those databases, which must be licensed. I don't think the website of the school claims that their alternatiive "accreditation", or connections makes it so believable. These degree millist lies! To rely only on UDSMA and/or CHEA databases, to determine if school is accredited. And only enrolled in accredited schools.. what you do, however, stay away from good-for-nothing University..

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