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Motorcyclist might make an adjustment in speed when encountering ? A.Rain Or Strong Wind B.Slick Roadways C.Potholes D.All of the above

2 answers

2 answers

Aaron Lee on January 30, 2019

According to the flashcards used in preparation for the exams, the correct answer is D – all of the above. All of the options, rain, wind, and roadways, and potholes may become a serious obstacle to a motorcyclist. Thus, all of them can serve as a sign to make adjustments to speed. However, the rate at which the mentioned adjustments are made depends on the conditions. Such conditions may include but are not limited to the strength of wind or rain, potholes size, etc.

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Justin Parker on May 29, 2018

ANSWERMotorcyclist could make an adjustment in speed when encountering All of the above. that is the Rain Or Strong Wind ; Slick Roads, and Potholes.ExplanationBut the rate at which to adjust the speed will depend on the condition. for an example of how the large size of the eye of an ox and the strength of the wind, among other considerations.

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