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Money and currency are related because? a.they are interchangeable terms b.currency is a form of money is a form of currency d. money refers only to debts Which statement shows that money is a "store of value?" a.I exchanged my dollar for ten dimes. b.You can only use currency at that store. c. I just used the ten dollars given to me last year. d. I carried the money to the store. Anything called money will be? a.large and heavy b. easy to create c. scarce d. backed by gold

Curtis Rhodes

in Social studies

1 answer

1 answer

Brandon Scott on May 11, 2018

are the terms interchangeable. Money and Currency are the same thing. Nothing more than a tool which facilities trade.Which statement shows that money is a "store of value?a.I exchanged my dollar for ten dimes.Anything called money will be backed by gold

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