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Minerals are solid, inorganic substances that _____. a.exist naturally b.are manufactured c.are found exclusively on Earth d.are made of iron

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on December 4, 2018

Answer: A. there are naturallyMinerals are solid, inorganic substances that exist naturally. Explanation: A mineral is a naturally occurring inorganic solid, with a chemical composition defined and an atomic arrangement is ordered.Minerals are naturally occurring; they are not made by humans.Minerals are inorganic; they have never been alive and are not made up from plants or animals.Minerals are solids, not liquids (like water), or gases (like the air around you).Minerals have a chemical composition defined; each one is made from a combination of chemical elements.The minerals have an atomic arrangement ordered; the chemical elements that make up each mineral are arranged in a particular way - this is why minerals 'grow' in the form of crystals.

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