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Maybe that bankruptcy is not a Subsidized loan, the student?

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

1 answer

Caroline Campbell on May 9, 2018

In theory, Yes - credits, the student may be discharged. In practice this is extremely rare. The only examples I have seen where the student loan was discharged when the borrower is a fewalyzed, have a serious disorder of the nervous system, or have been diagnosed with the final stage of the disease, and therefore not able to work. Download student loan it is so rare that most lawyers of the plane to inform potential clients that student loans are not available for download. ans, I'm not sure what you mean by "subsidized" - I know what that means - I'm not sure what to do! The government, with the support (that doesn't mean subsidized) credit, the student may be discharged in bankruptcy. If not this government, the reserve is just a personal loan you used to pay for education and can be loaded like any other. Besides, it's not bankrupt "a loan"...went bankrupt - that includes all that you are and should be. Nothing is precluded. Some things can't be discharged.

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