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Match each type of titration to its ph at the equivalence point for solutions at 25 ∘c. drag each item to the appropriate bin. view available hint(s) resethelp ph less than 7 ph equal to 7 ph greater than 7

Timothy Norman

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 15, 2018

The full question is;Match each type of titration to the pH at the equivalence point.Weak acid, strong baseStrong acid, strong baseWeak base, strong acidpH less than 7pH equal to 7pH greater than 7Answer:weak acid and strong base, the pH 7Strong acid, strong base, the pH equal to 7Weak base strong acid pH of less than 7Strong acids dissociate completely to give H⁺ ions. Strong bases fully dissociate to give OH⁻ions.When strong acids and strong bases are mixed the dissociated H⁺ and OH⁻ ions react with and neutralise each other, making the solution neutral.Weak acids cannot dissociate, only a fraction of H⁺ ions are dissociated. Same applies to weak bases.When a weak acid and strong base is mixed, while the strong acid dissociates completely, weak base only partially dissociates. Therefore, the amount of H⁺ ions is greater than that of OH⁻ ions, in general the pH is more acid, therefore, less than 7.When a strong base and weak acid are mixed, a strong base dissociates completely giving OH⁻ ions and a weak acid only partially dissociates, thus the amount of OH⁻ ions is greater than H⁺ ions, the more basic, therefore the pH is greater than 7.

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