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Margot has started a construction and has this drawn on her paper. What is she constructing? A) a square inscribed in a circle B) a hexagon inscribe in a circle C) a pentagon inscribed in a circle D) an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle Download png

Justin Parker

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Eric Morgan on April 2, 2018

For a better understanding of the explanation given here, please, find diagrams on the two files that were attached.As can be clearly seen in the diagram, PR and QS are diameters of the circle and that intersect at the center, Or the circle.The angle of these diameters do at the point of intersection is 90 degrees.If Margot joins the points P,Q,R and S which are in the circumference of the circle, then we will obtain a square with sides PQ, QR, RS and SP as shown in the second diagram.Therefore, the correct option is Option A.

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