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Manolo y alma el mes pasado en buenos aires.

Ronald Miller

in Spanish

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1 answer

Whitney Matthews on March 21, 2018

I met Manolo last month in Buenos Aires. From the day I met him, I see it every day. When I get out of college, I find myself with him in any place of the city. Our first kiss was in the park. Last night Manolo told me he loves me and I told him that I want a lot to him. We always help much with the tasks of the university. I call a lot to my sister and she calls me to talk about our things. My sister I understand you very well and vice versa. Until then, Soul 1. Manolo and Soul _ the last month in the city of Buenos Aires 2. They _ all the days since they met 3. Manolo and Soul _ after class somewhere in the city 4. The first time I __ , Manolo and Soul stephen in the park 5. Last night Manolo and Soul _ who significantly want 6. Manolo and Soul always _ a lot with the tasks of the university 7. Alma and her sister _ a lot to talk things over 8. Soul and its hermana_ very well

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