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Lithium iodide has a lattice energy of −7.3×102kJ/mol and a heat of hydration of −793kJ/mol. Find the heat of solution for lithium iodide. Determine how much heat is evolved or absorbed when 10.0g of lithium iodide completely dissolves in water.

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on September 19, 2018

First we have to build a cycle heat of solution Li I (s) --------------------------> Li I (aq)heat of lattice heat of hydration, Li + R + aq solution of heat + heat of lattice = heat of hydration(taking the positive direction and the other negative)therefore,the Heat of solution = heat of hydration - heat of lattice = -793 + 7.3 * 10^2 = EFor a mol of iodide of Lithium And the amount of energy that is release, then 10 g of how much.1 = E 10/Molar mass of LiI = x And * 10/molar mass of LI (I = x

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