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Literacy Rate in Russia?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on January 25, 2018

According to the international research of competences of the adult population PIAAC, Russia has significantly taken the lead of many developed countries in the level of literacy in the field of reading, mathematics, and literacy . But, at the same time, Russia is lagging behind in the level of equipment and technologies of information and communication skills. Literacy in the reading of the Russians showed the results above the average score of 275 against 273 points. For this indicator, the highest positions are occupied by Japan (296 ), Finland ( 288 ) and the Netherlands ( 284). The average score for mathematical literacy of the Russian federation (270 ) hardly differs from the average score of the OECD countries (269) . The most mathematically literate were Japanese - they scored 288 points. Finland is in second place - 282 points in the third place with a score of Belgium 280 points. But unfortunately in Russia the majority of the population has no experience with a computer or use hesitant . 48.5 % of adults aged 16 to 65 years , fall into this category. The high level of competition showed that only 25.9% of the population of Russia.

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