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List of polar or non-polar formulas?

Craig Stewart

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Craig Stewart on November 24, 2018

Polar Molecules: · Water (H20): it is planar triangular, and the electrons orbiting around the board that the H 2 s · Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3): Planar triangular, the electrons in orbit around the N that the Hydrogen · Sulfur Dioxide (so2 ): Planar triangular, electrons orbit around Sulfur than the oxygen. · Hydrogen Sulfide (H 2 S): Planar triangular, electrons orbit around Hydrogen sulfide. · Bromine Trichloride (BCl 3 ): planar triangular, electrons orbit around Bromo. Non-Polar Molecules: · Dihydrogen (H 2 ): Linear and electrons orbit evenly · Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ): Linear, equal orbit · Carbon Monoxide (CO): linear, equal distribution · (MORE)

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