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Keyword Research Tool - Find More Keywords?

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on October 1, 2018

You can always use the Google Adwords tool to find keywords. Apart from Google keyword planner there are many keyword researchtools available. These tools can be free/paid. The use of these tools keywordresearch worth a try, as the keyword research is the backbone of anySEO campaign, and you do not want to start your SEO campaign off on the wrong foot. The Effectiveness of your SEO campaign depends on the effectivenessof the keywords that you are targeting so make sure which you will havechosen the right keywords. Sometimes your blog/product pagesrank well in google for certain keywords, but improvement insales or daily traffic is negligible. This happens because of thewrong selection of keywords to make sure that you are going in theright direction. Here are some popular keyword research tools that can help you tofind the profitable keywords - . SEMrush (Paid) . Ubersuggest (Free) . WordStream (Free/Paid) . KeywordXP (Free/Paid) . Moz Keyword Analysis tool (Paid) Good Luck With Your Keyword Research...

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