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Kaylee is painting a design on the floor of a recreation room using equilateral triangles. She begins by painting the outline of Triangle 1 measuring 50 inches on a side. Next, she paints the outline of Triangle 2 inside the first triangle. The side length of Triangle 2 is 80% of the length of Triangle 1. She continues painting triangles inside triangles using the 80% reduction factor. Which triangle will first have a side length of less than 29 inches?

Daniel King

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1 answer

1 answer

James Washington on June 2, 2018

The correct answer to the problem above would be the fourth triangle. So here is the solution: Since the Triangle 1 is already given with a measure of 50 inches, and the 80% of the 50 inches if 40. Triangle 2, then, is 40 inches. 80% of 40 is 32, so that the triangle from 3 to 32 inches and then the 80% of the 32 25.6 inches so that the triangle 4 is 25.6 inches. Therefore, the triangle will first have a side length of less than 29 inches is the triangle 4.

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