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Juan José era una persona muy activa, pero poco afortunada. (1) , a los siete años, se rompió una pierna paseando en bicicleta. (2) se torcía el tobillo jugando al fútbol, su deporte favorito. Una vez se lastimó (3) la cabeza con una pelota de béisbol y tuvieron que llevarlo (4) al hospital. Ahora, a los veinte años, Juan Diego aprendió la lección. Ya (5) nunca se lastima y visita muy (6) al médico, porque se divierte (7) .

William Cain

in Spanish

1 answer

1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on August 7, 2018

Since there is no question I searched the internet for the question and I found a similar problem, where the purpose of the exercise is to fill in the numbers with the English Adverbs. Adverbs are words that we use to modify, or describe verbs, adjectives or other adverbs. An adverb can give information about the time, place, mode, number and answer questions such as: How?For how long?What's the frequency?When?Where?In this way, we can fill out the paragraph as follows:Juan José was a very active person, but little lucky. In fact, at seven years of age, broke his leg riding a bicycle. Frequently twisted ankle playing football, his favorite sport. Once injured gravemente the head with a baseball and had to be taken immediately to the hospital. Now, twenty years old, Juan Diego learned the lesson. Since it is almost never too bad and visit very often to the doctor, because it is fun sanamente.De made - In factCon frequency - OftenGravemente - SeriouslyInmediatamente - Almost Immediately - AlmostFrecuentemente - Often in a Healthy way - Healthy way

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