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Jobs that you don't need a high school diploma or Ged?

Curtis Rhodes

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Blair Lewis on March 20, 2018

Most of the operations do not require a high school diploma, but you must often enter a trade school. They are usually 2 month courses and between $1000 - 3000. Some of the careers that you can get in a trade school with a high school diploma: . HUMAN SERVICES ASSISTANTS . THE ASSISTANT TEACHERS . THE CHILD CARE WORKERS . PHLEBOTOMIST . CHEFS . HOME HEALTH AIDE . DIRECT CARE WORKERS . ISSUER OF THE MEDICAL BILL . Of the CONSTRUCTION . PLUMBING . ELECTRIC . COOLING OF THE REPAIR . CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT . DENTAL ASSISTANT . THE VETERINARY ASSISTANT . ATM . CUSTOMER SERVICE . SALES ASSOCIATE . WAITER/BARMAN . TELEMARKETER . The front desk RECEPTIONIST . SHORT ORDER COOK

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