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I’ve got too much homework and I don’t have the time to study for my finals. What can I do about it?

I think we can all agree that too much homework causes stress and can take the time you need to prepare for the finals. Right now I have more homework than ever before. If I squeeze one more trip to the library into my insane schedule, my body will simply shut down from exhaustion. I know that some of my friends' parents or siblings are helping with homework but it is not an option for me. Most of all, I would really like to get some chemistry homework help — it would save me lots of time for studying for finals.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 5, 2018

Students pull all-nighters for the simple reason that they slacked during the semester and in the end there’s just loads of assignments for them to complete. Some students who were lazy the whole semester will study through the night trying to fit more than eighty days of work in a day or two. Others will go online in search for help with their chemistry or algebra assignment. You do not have to do this if you adopt a study strategy according to which you do all the tasks gradually. If you are out of time, however, looking for chemistry questions and answers online would be of great help in completing bulk chemistry assignments. This would leave you with enough time to prepare for the finals. All-nighters could work for easy courses, but more often than not, your grade will not be as good as you would want it to be.

All-nighters make you stressed and exhausted and therefore are detrimental to your performance. Students who frequently apply this tactic usually forget everything they have learned right after the test. This behavior, therefore, reduces the practical value of education. Besides, research has shown that poor performance is directly linked to sleep deprivation.

Besides following the gradual learning strategy, you should also start actively participating in class. If you are shy, it may prove difficult to gather up the courage to take part in class discussions. However, it can play an important part. Participating in class shows to the professor that you are a student who is eager to learn. It increases the probability that you will remember what you learned in class, reducing the time you spend studying the same subject at home.

Sitting in the front will not only immerse you in the lecture but also build self-confidence, since those in the front rows are visible to the professor and stand out as eager. This helps you build your academic reputation increasing the chances of forming a relationship with your lecturer. You feel more like someone who is participating rather than a passive listener since you have an easy time maintaining your focus. This way, you will require less study time at the library since you will have grasped almost everything you were taught in class by your lecturer.

Chemistry research papers can be difficult to score high grades in. Completing the tasks takes some time, and slacking will only lead to sleepless nights as you try to catch up at the end of the semester. An alternative would be getting help with homework from a tutor or a classmate and using the saved time concentrating on the finals.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

The key is going to class and pay attention. If you miss out on classes, you miss out on important things, such as detailed explanation of the topic by the professor. This experience is vital as it serves to expand on the bullet points that most professors use in their lectures. Moreover, by skipping classes, you fail to use the opportunity of asking your professor questions concerning the areas you don’t understand. You also miss out on the chance of listening to other students’ questions and answers. Being behind all the time will leave you with too much homework. Keeping in touch with the lecturer and asking assistance from his/her office are good options for earning extra credit in the course, which is another chance of earning points other than burying your head in the books trying to get answers to chemistry questions. Skipping classes affects your reputation, and this effect needs to be put into consideration. In most classes, grades are subjective, which means that your perception of your grade can affect it significantly.

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