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Is UW study abroad program a favorite option?

I would like to join the University of Washington next year because I heard they have a program for students who love traveling. However, it seems I have little information about UW study abroad program. I would like someone to share with me their experiences so that I could determine how favorable the plan is. I would want to know about the school’s study abroad scholarships for minorities. What options do they have in their program? Do they have a winter study abroad program? What are some of the benefits their plan and those offered in other universities?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 15, 2018

When it comes to studying abroad, UW is one of the best places where one can see a dream come true. Under the UW’s study abroad program, I was able to visit other countries and still continue with my course as usual. In my first year, I visited India, and it was such a memorable experience given that I had not been out of the country before then. While in India, I got a chance to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, I got a chance to experience learning a different country away from home. This played a significant role in motivating me and helping me develop a strong desire to pursue the degree I was taking.

The school has study abroad scholarships for minority. This means that anyone stands a chance to enroll in the program irrespective of the course they are pursuing. The school encourages students to check the available programs regularly. Having the right information is vital in helping you prepare in advance. By inquiring about the open programs, you get a chance to know about the availability of the various programs and other essential details such as the starting dates and duration. During the application, students are required to indicate the term they will attend. They can choose autumn quarter, summer quarter or winter quarter among others.

The University of Washington has various programs like the winter studying abroad program. One gets an opportunity to study in Africa, America, and Asia among other regions in the world. The school has Departmental Exchanges where participation is only available to students pursuing specific courses. Studying abroad under this program is easy as most of the teaching is done in English. This program is ideal for students traveling during a given study period and those wishing to experience on-site support and experience. If you have no foreign language knowledge, the program is also right for you.

I firmly believe that this school’s study abroad problem is one of the greatest things that will have a substantial impact on your life in the future. If there is one thing that gave me hope and played a role in helping me accomplish this course was the study program at the school. Getting a chance to travel while still pursuing your degree cannot be taken lightly. In addition, studying in a new environment with students from different countries is also crucial in enhancing one’s learning experience. If you are looking for a place where you can pursue your degree even after visiting another nation, the University of Washington is the place to be.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

Visiting other countries under UW study abroad program is a significant milestone for many students. However, attending and studying in these countries come with various costs. The process is costly, and the assistance provided through the different scholarship programs is not enough to finance an individual’s stay in other countries. However, there are other universities offering these services at higher costs. Therefore, you must be prepared to spend a significant amount of cash before enrolling in this program.

Despite the high cost of the program, I believe it is one of the ones available out there. Consider getting a chance to use your skills and knowledge to gain professionalism. The program allows students to choose the place they want to visit and check the availability of their preferred programs in those countries. I once visited other countries under this program, and I can say that from what I heard from friends who went abroad under other programs, UW’s plan is far much advanced.

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