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Eric Morgan on September 11, 2018

OK this is the essay, it is a book/movie - 'the boy in striped pajamas" - Please, help me so that I am not very good at writing essays. > > > This is the child in striped Pajamas~ > > the boy in the striped Pajamas is a book/movie about a girl of nine years of age, child > (named Bruno). That is completely alien to the things that happen around > him in Auschwitz (With) during World War II. > > The main character is a nine year old boy named Bruno; he is the son of a > strict commander of a Nazi concentration camp. He has a stubborn strong > directed sister called Gretel (who Bruno likes to call a 'basket Case'). > Lived in a five-story house, until her Father got a promotion and > suddenly Bruno, Gretel, his Mother and His Father had to move to Auschwitz. > Bruno, the grandmother is not happy about the test about Hitler and the Nazis and she does not like that her son (Bruno's father) to be a Nazi > himself. When they arrived at the new house at Auschwitz, Bruno was angry and disappointed by the fact that the house was only three stories instead of > five, another reason that Bruno is sad and angry is because the house is > so small that it scarcely leaves any room for exploration (a hobby of Bruno's), > also misses sliding down the tremendously long railing in her old house. > > Bruno of the window of the room (because he has to be at the top of a > box to look out of), he spots a fence with people in striped pyjamas > behind him. At first Bruno thinks is a farm and he tells his parents > about. Their parents, a few days after reaching an agreement that Bruno > and his sister Gretel need a tutor for their education, so they hire a man > called "Herr Liszt'. Bruno thinks that Herr Liszt is the most boring > teacher one could ever have, because he teaches the geography and history > in place of the arts, which Bruno prefers to learn. Bruno, out of boredom > and confusion he wonders what is going on in Out-with (Auschwitz) and why the > people behind the fence are always dressed in striped pajamas there. > One afternoon Bruno decides to go exploring, what he finds is a child, a > Jewish boy named Shmuel. Bruno had never heard the name of Shmuel before, but > apparently it was quite common among Shmuel's own people. He soon becomes > Bruno's friend Bruno goes to see him at the fence by the afternoon, and > that talk. Bruno tells his sister that the people in the striped > pyjamas that you are on the other side of the fence are Jews and that he and his > family are "the opposite". Shortly after this, Bruno and Gretel > get a bad case of head lice and Bruno has to shave his hair. This > makes him look more like his friend Shmuel and he begins to doubt what > Gretel said about them that they are "opposites" and finds himself thinking that > they are not different at all really. > > The story begins at the end of Bruno having to leave Auschwitz (with) > and return to his previous home with his mother and his sister, who had been in > Auschwitz for almost a year now, and Bruno and Shmuel have been talking > almost every afternoon. Bruno, not particularly happy for all the > concept goes and tells Shmuel the bad news, when you greeted your friend who is > looking for that Shmuels father (a watch maker) had been missing, Bruno told > Shmuel the bad news about him leaving to go back to Berlin, then Bruno in > the heat of the moment provided that both of them would be to Shmuels > father the next day, as it would be a great adventure, Bruno told > shmuel to get him some striped pajamas so that he could be in the locker room, > (because, in Bruno's mind, every good explorer needed a costume). The > next day, Bruno dug a hole under the fence and climbed under it to > the other side where Bruno put on the striped pajamas and went with > Shmuel to look for the Father of Shmuel. Bruno and Shmuel walked through the > camp for a while looking for Shmuels father, and long before he started > raining and Bruno began to wish that he was back in the house, he said to Shmuel > he should go now, but Shmuel told Bruno that Bruno had > promised him that he would find his father, this made Bruno believes that because > he had promised Shmuel that and a good browser never goes back on his > word. So Bruno and Shmuel walked into a "home" and then a guard touched > whistle, Bruno (who was quite confused at this point) and Shmuel is > pushed into a gas chamber in which they had to undress and go into a sealed > room, Bruno and Shmuel of the hands and a light shone down from the ceiling, as > a person with a gas mask threw a gas canister in the camera, both > Shmuel and Bruno die because of this. The book ends with Bruno's mother, father and sister in search of him. His sister noticed that there was a piece of bread in a main frame of a window, Bruno's father immediately went out the door after the track that Bruno had followed every afternoon for almost a year, came to the fence and saw Bruno's clothes laying on the grass and saw the hole that was under the fence, ran along the fence line to the door and ran toward the field of concentration and looked over at Bruno, Bruno's mother was running along the road, as well, but when he saw Bruno's clothes she cried out in pain, the father of Bruno had looked at Bruno in all parts, but not the gas chamber, saw the camera and shouted to Bruno's name, his mother heard him and she cried even more. Another point of View: As an instructor of English at a university that I have to ask, do you know what is an essay? Is this supposed to be an essay or a book report? An essay in the exhibition enters the material and draw conclusions based on the book of the assumption, settings, theories, or his dramatic themes. Develop a thesis, such as, the boy in the striped pajamas was a mirror by which the Germans can feel the pain of one senseless loss of life can bring and compare it to the six million Jews lost during the Holocaust. Then give three reasons from the book, explain how they support your thesis. Five sentences per paragraph, five paragraphs. That is a trial. What you've written is a synthesis, a summary, a report of a book showing to see the film or read the book.

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