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Is there student funding for mature students in the UK?

Now I hope to go back to school and finish my Psychology degree. Am I eligible for student funding in the UK? Is there such a thing as mature student funding and would I be considered for funding opportunities if I had previously dropped out? Does any university within Manchester offer any mature student grant? What percentages of scholarship would they offer?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 5, 2018

All students between the ages of 18 and 60 are eligible for the same funding for students packages in the UK as other students for any level of qualification, whether undergraduate, graduate or doctoral. The aid is given by Student Finance England, Wales or Ireland. Since you are in Manchester, you need to check with the first option. There are several situations that might be considered when applying for funding including your current condition. In your case, are you a single parent? There are several types of assistance you can receive from the finance office including:

  • Tuition fee loan, up to 9000 pounds per year, for public institutions.
  • Maintenance loan. This depends on your household income and whether you live at home or not. Living in London also affects how much you’ll get.
  • Maintenance grant. This depends on how much you earn and doesn’t have to be paid back.
  • Special support grant. This applies to special circumstances and will vary dependent on your needs. The amount you get depends on your household income too and is but doesn’t change the amount of maintenance loan that you will get.
  • Long courses loan. If you have to attend your courses for more than 30 weeks and 3 days a year, you’re eligible for a loan that covers the extra living expenses.

Think about your situation and whether you’re eligible for any of the above opportunities. Are you looking for a loan or a grant? Funding for mature students is considered often and in your case, you had to stop your studies for a special reason. Were you receiving funding before? Did you notify your finance office that you were stopping your education? Did you withdraw from the course completely? Often times, funding is only because you are undertaking a course, which means you might not be eligible if you withdraw from the course.

Funding depends on whether it’s a part-time or full-time course. Since you have a dependent, you may be eligible for extra funding. You can apply for a mature student grant like Parent’s Learning Allowance which is dependent on your household income and is great because:

  • It doesn’t have to be paid back
  • Is added on top of your other student loans and grants
  • Doesn’t affect your other benefits or tax credits

Emily Alexander2 years ago

Funding opportunities for mature students like yourself do exist and yes, there are several avenues that you can look at to get mature student funding. The funding does vary depending on your geographical location i.e. Wales, Ireland or England, and you have to consult different education offices based on your needs. Were you receiving student finance before you left school, and did you notify the finance office of your intent to halt the course? The amount that you get will vary depending on your conditions and your income. Also, being that you are in Manchester, the amount you receive may vary. You say you want to study a Psychology degree. Was this the initial degree that you were pursuing? Or are you changing to another specialization? Health-related degrees are generally favored in UK student funding. The fact that you have a child also means you are eligible for parent grants.

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