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Is there government funding in the UK for international students?

I’m planning to apply to a university in the United Kingdom. I hope to study literature in the future. However, as we all know, the tuition fees are enormous both in the U.S. and in the UK. I know that our colleges provide many scholarships even for international students. But what about the government grants for college students in the UK? I really hope they have some decent offers. The government funding is usually a little bit lacking here in comparison with private entities. The federal student grants are really hard to get and keep.

What do you know about the UK in this aspect?

Samantha Stevenson

in Student Loans

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 15, 2018

Just like in the U.S., you can borrow some money to pay for your tuitions and fees. If your income is very low, you have children, or are disabled, you can get a little bit extra money. The government fundings are mostly provided through the Student Loans Company. Also, the research funding is very developed there. There are several “research councils” in the UK that get the funding from the government and offer grants and scholarships for particular studies. So, if you are a postgraduate student and are looking for research money, they are exactly what you need.

I know that the system of scholarships and loans for the UK students is very developed. Foreigners have fewer chances unless they are from EU that is categorized differently. In addition, the recent problems of the Student Loans Company really lower your chances.

Have you already thought about the university you want to attend? Maybe, you better look at the non-governmental offers? There are many universities and private lenders eager to help international students. Or, apply for a U.S. loan and use it to study abroad.

I certainly know that Oxford is eligible to certify loan applications for the Direct Loan Program—a US federal loan scheme. Having such a mighty co-signer, you have great chances to receive the federal student grant. In addition, the university is ready to work with any private lender you choose, provided that you find one to cover your tuition abroad. Here is the university’s article dedicated to the students from America and Canada:

You can look through the loans as well just to be prepared in case you don’t get a government grant for college. Loans usually can be taken for abroad studies as well. Yes, they have to be paid back, but when you have no money and the establishment of your dreams accepts you and is ready to give you everything you’ve ever wanted, you can do nothing but apply for a loan and start your studies.

Governmental loans are not easy to get but they often cover the whole fees. Think about your options very carefully and decide what you need the most. And again, look for the private lenders in the UK. Maybe, they’ll be able to help you.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

In order to get a good education in the UK, you don’t necessarily need to apply to Oxford. Or Harvard for that matter if you want to stay at home. This is only a stereotype that no other universities can even compare. There are many small establishments around the country that can fund an international student.

As it has been mentioned before, charities and private lenders can also help you in your search. Why do you want to apply for a government funding at all? Third parties offer you more options to choose from. If you can offer something different and interesting, they’ll be glad to help you. In addition, this is great PR for any establishment to show how many students come to them even from abroad.

After all, long-distance online courses are becoming more and more popular among the youth. Many even provide their students with certificates. Think about what you want to do carefully!

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