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Is there anyone with information on the benefits of attending the HACU conference?

I am an undergraduate who is always on the lookout for opportunities by attending various useful student events.  Recently, I came to hear about the HACU conference from a friend back in my native country; Puerto Rico.

This function is one of the upcoming events I would like to know more about. My friend had little knowledge on the matter save for the fact that; the conference is all about empowering people of Hispanic heritage (I am of Hispanic background.)

Can you offer me this information, please?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on June 13, 2018

HACU conferences are annual meetings organized and facilitated by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). HACU was established way back in 1986 with an aim to champion for the issues affecting Hispanics in higher education. The special events and conferences held by HACU provide an avenue to advocate for various matters, inform the public, foster meaningful collaborations, and recognize the gains and contributions made in promoting higher education among the Hispanic community.

As a student, you can join the HACU network after meeting a specific condition. You have to be enrolled in a non-profit higher education establishment. Meeting this requirement will allow you to join the HACU as a student affiliate.

After that, you can start attending the annual conferences to enjoy some of these excellent benefits:

  • Scholarship Information

This students’ event provides you with a unique opportunity to learn about the various scholarships you are eligible for by your heritage. HACU is an administrator of several scholarships offered by partnering organizations to help Hispanic students cater for their higher education costs. Since several partners are providing these educational monetary awards, the criterion for selection differs.

Some of the scholarships you will get to know about by attending this upcoming event include Big Red iAvance, InGenesis, Café Bustelo, Kia Motors, Oracle, Lanzate and so forth.

Any new additions to the scholarship providers will also be communicated to you during this function.

  • Internship Programs

HACU has an elaborate internship program that will help you immensely when you are looking for an internship. Attending the conference will give a considerable edge over your peers as it will predispose you to appropriate information on multiple requirements you have to meet to land internships.

In turn, you will get to prepare adequately for the same by getting your papers ready, filling various forms, and so on. You will also learn how to view the progress of your application during the internship session of the event.

  • Opportunities for Career Development

HACU’s conferences provide you with useful information to assist you career wise. They offer vital career-related details and guidelines to help those already working in various fields to boost their professional performance.

Moreover, HACU partners with several organizations and establishments thus making it an ideal place to find out about the various organizations that you can work in upon graduation. Employers from these companies will be swift to take an employee who has interacted with HACU. 

Jordan Soto2 years ago

HACU conferences also provide you with a chance to network, and you never know who is what outside the convention. After graduating, I was unemployed for quite some time. I was tired of applying for jobs and was on the brink of depression when someone recommended that I go to this conference.

Fast forward to the day of the conference; I can tell you for a fact that never had I attended such an event. The people and the programs were exactly what I needed. The attendees shared thoughts, ideas, and experiences that come with life. On the other hand, the sessions were quite informative.

But, the highlight of the event (to me) was when I met a kind lady that told me about an opening at their firm. I applied for it and got the job. So, attend my friend. You never know whom or what you will find!

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