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Is there any unique feature of online IT degree?

IT is the reason we have online degree programs. We are able to get materials on our electronic devices and convert them in different formats. I am taking an IT degree in regular university. I have a friend who makes me feel the degree I am taking is fake. He keeps telling me that online degree programs are more advanced. I do not realize in which way they are better. When I search on Google, it shows the best online degrees etc.  Does it mean that online platforms are superior? Is there anything unique about online IT degree?

Curtis Rhodes

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on May 18, 2018

It is true that information is power; you cannot take advantage of what you do not know. When we have the wrong information, anyone can drift us in either direction. Talking about the IT program, I had a conversation with my son three weeks ago and his thoughts fascinated me. He said that every option of something that is online in most cases is better and superior. He told me that it was the reason why he didn’t want to attend school. He said that there is online learning now. Why should he get stressed attending school? I am yet to give him the best answer.

I think that there are some significant special advantages of the online IT degree.  Like any other online degree program, there are many conveniences. Students can find their own time to study. When they are tired, they can take breaks and relax. In regular institutions, you have to follow the timetable as it is. Whether you want to attend class or not, you have to do it. When you are not in good mood, concentration is law. You strain so much with little output. Online programs give you an opportunity to control your time to favor you. You can organize your study time. There is also easy access to the material. You get to learn more from the numerous sources in the online centers that are not open to all students. Only registered students can access an online center that has rich information as published by many sources.

The best online degree programs are the same programs offered in regular universities. The level of comfort in attending these two types of studies is what differentiates us. Most tutors have signed into online resources and prepare lectures from the materials obtained online. It shows that as time goes by, we tend to shift to the online platform more than vice versa. Our shift is the reason why many students believe that online education is better. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I am taking a degree in economics and statistics and I love it. IT degree is a degree like any other with no special features. Many scholars believe that technological development makes the course more important. I take it differently, as technology advance; more people acquaint themselves with IT. It becomes popular and floods the market. Other courses that are thought lower become competitive. What I want to agree with you is about the online degree programs in general. Everybody is looking for survival tactics. People want to strain less and produce more. We have made a huge step from the era where you labor a lot and get little returns. The online degrees are becoming superior because of the available freedom of choice and self-planning. Now there is no significant change in content but as events change, the difference will be notable. I also think that parents should allow children to take online studies because that is where we are heading. 

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