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Is there any scientific study about how quick to judge the person after the meeting?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Megan Page on February 16, 2018

Answer Although I do not remember the study, I know what he did. I took the Intro to Sociology class a few semesters ago, my teacher talked about how we are unconsciously judging other people based on their appearance within the first few seconds of viewing/meeting. In addition to searching, it seems like 7 seconds is the General consensus. Crazy enough to think that we judge someone that quickly, without even realizing it. I think the answer that this feature was developed as a method of survival of our ancestors. His life depended on the solution of the to assess the risk. Apparently, successful, technology, already, what is left after the production of the next generation and, in the end, we. For our time, the danger, the other, much less inevitable, so we need to know that we have this instinct, but we also have knowledge to configure these snapshot experiences a more realistic view.

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