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Is there any other ed portal like MD?

I’m looking for a useful ed portal that can cover the questions of colleges, admissions, exams, and other higher educational stuff. MP education portal has been a favorite of mine for a couple of months and I can’t find anything as informative. Do you any other source that is rich in materials and can provide the readers with professional tips like MP higher education website does?

You may think that there are many other sources that can be easily found on the web, but the struggle is real. Finding the right one is a hard task that requires some help. I hope to get this help from you.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on March 16, 2018

While this MP educational portal in one of the most thought-after sources, it only covers India. I suggest you looking for something abroad or even international. These websites are full of necessary information that helps students from all over the world. Though there are always schools ranking and lists, their articles are mostly universal and cover those issue that the students from any country may face.

One of my favorite education portals is Educationinsta. It also contains information on India and its establishments, but it is also full of so much more. First of all, you can see the basic information on various study destinations and choose something else that inspires you. Here, the website has various lists of colleges that may interest an abroad student, information on what they offer, and what you need to enroll.

In addition, there is a section with useful courses that may help you prepare for the studies. I don’t exactly about the options of higher education on MP portal, but here you can prepare for the place you choose. Besides, if you are looking for professionally-made postgraduate courses, this is a place that can provide them. I’m sure in the reliability of this source as it has helped me a lot in my search. Besides, I use it now to browse the information on schools that my kid will need soon. Educationinsta is really one of those diverse ed portals that can help anyone.

If you are looking for an education portal in India, you can visit BrainBuxa. This is a very useful source that posts professional articles in addition to the plain information on what colleges are there and what documents you need to have. This is a rare chance to read a subjective opinion of an expert that will tell you the truth of how people treat establishments or recent news. By the way, the news category here is amazing. There are many articles that cover the most important educational trends and hot stories.

My favorite part of this education website is its design. It is so simple yet pretty that you want to spend hours here without getting bored and frustrated by something. The pictures are colorful and intriguing, the sections can be clearly seen, and the search and help fields are easy to use.

BrainBuxa is proud to provide professional advice and pays attention to any question asked on their portal.

Kurt Pricea year ago

Yes, I’ve heard about those two ed portals before as well. They are really good and professionally-made. However, I prefer to browse smaller sources that concentrate on a specific location or an establishment. Of course, large education portal websites are great for newbies who only start their search, but they are not so useful further. Getting acquainted with a college can only be done on its official website. No worldwide ed website will tell you the specific things. Instead, they all redirect you to a certain website that dwells on the issue in detail.

So, why not to start with looking on a smaller scale? There is no need to reread the same general information at any source you find. If I were you, I would pick one portal with news, articles, and a blog to learn the latest trends and keep searching for something specific. Research is all you need.

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