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Is there an active system of addressing the various challenges of education in India?

Many countries have distinct challenges facing their education system. Since world education is an essential sector in any nation, various stakeholders take initiatives to address the problems of their institutions. Due to my interest in researching the education sector in the Indian states, understanding these basics is helpful. Besides, the news feeds have consistent information on the deteriorating state of the education in India, which raises questions within me. Is there a set system that addresses the education problems experienced in India? More so, how is the issue of education poverty resolved?

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 12, 2018

There is little effort in India directed towards solving the problems in the education sector. Judging from my analysis and interaction with various scholars from India, it needs a severe revamping of the education sector. I think the Indian education is far from meeting the international standards. The US and other countries could have issues in the educational sector, but they are not as weighty as are those experienced in India. From my interaction with various citizens in India, I understand that the government of India has plans to transfer the governance of the education system from the state to the private sector. The strategy is designed to help resolve the issues India is facing in the education sector. However, I firmly believe this approach may not be sufficient to solve every challenge at hand. Poverty in education facilities is a major concern in India. It is noteworthy that a large percentage of Indians live below the poverty line. Since taking care of the immediate family and providing their needs is essential than investing in education, the poor communities tend to overlook this issue. Now, if the private sector would focus on solving the problems in the education sector, I am certain this issue may not be resolved adequately.

One thing I have recognized concerning education in the world is that key stakeholders need to unite to attain reasonable milestones. In India, various challenges from poverty to high population and high teacher-student ratio are not resolved as required because of lack of unity. The general structure of various states in India such as Bahir and Odisha reveal high poverty levels yet low unity to alleviate it. The other strategy in trying to fix education challenges in India includes a plan to train more individuals in various skills. I realized that every person I would talk to having gone through the system acknowledges that the curricula and the general education system in India are wanting. It means there is little done to improve the already deteriorating situation of the education system in India. If more citizens of India were educated through an updates system that matches international standards, the challenges facing Indian education would be a tale. While I appreciate the little effort the government of India has put in reforming the education system in various union states, I am persuaded that there is still much it can do to make things better for the citizens.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I concur with the idea that there is little effort to solve issues in Indian education. The duration of the challenges in education India has faced can tell that there is indeed little effort directed towards resolving them. In my recent trip to the state of India, I noted little unity and enthusiasm among the people concerned with the education sector. If the passion of revamping the education sector in India lacks, then the desired outcomes, they desire each day will not be possible.
Furthermore, the young generation, which is immensely affected, will have little to offer the competitive world in which they exist. I would suggest that India calls for assistance from external sources that can help shape the system as required. Since the government is not proactive enough, they should be challenged to perform as expected. There could be change, but it is too slow to be noted or to make meaningful effects on the country.

Craig Stewart7 months ago

I think that we should wait some time to assess adequately the outcomes of the transfer of the Indian education system from the state sector to the private sector. It may be a good idea and maybe we’ll see results faster than before. The issues of education in India may have more than one unique solution and, in my opinion, it’s good to try different options. Unfortunately, there’s education poverty even in rich countries because education has lost value in our modern world. Education policies are outdated and changes in school systems are usually minimal. 

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