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Is there a way for me to learn typing online that isn’t too expensive and also doesn’t take too much of my time?

I’m currently a working but I would like to go back to college only now I stopped studying because I need to save up more money to fund my studies. Right now I’m planning to enroll in some online distance learning courses so I can get started and perhaps research some colleges and universities that offer distance learning programs. Do any of you know of an online learning center like The American Online Learning Center  that would fit into a schedule of a working person like me so I can learn typing online?   

Kristi Hammond

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 7, 2018

It is indeed tough to pay for college these days, with the costs of tuition skyrocketing and most kids being drowned in student debt. I admire you for your tenacity, and your will to save up money just to go back to college again is something that I really look up to. As for your question regarding courses in distance learning centers, there are already a lot of these across the country and lucky for you, a lot of them are now offering online schooling.

One of the most popular ones offering courses is Coursera which offer courses and subjects from the top universities and colleges not only in the country but even across the world. If you are really serious about learning even while you’re out of college, this is probably one of the best online learning centers on the Internet today.  

You lso say that you want to learn how to type online, may I ask why this is so? I guess in your current job in the service industry as a waitress, you don’t really get to do a lot of this and I’m guessing that you still want to land an office job someday? I know that being a waitress can be really tiring, and you probably spend more hours in a day in the restaurant where you’re working that you probably have little time for anything else. I guess this is also why getting an online course can help you because it helps you structure your time.

Since online typing is pretty much a basic skill, you can also look at as they have desktop computing courses which include Microsoft Word where your typing skills I assume would be greatly honed. I believe that most of these are free or are available for only a minimal fee. If you want hands-on training though, you can also search online for vocational learning centers that are just near your area. Don’t lose heart and just keep on working hard and I know that pretty soon your dream of getting back to college and landing a good job will be a reality in no time.

Just remember to save the money you are getting from your day job and always remember that you are doing this to make a better future for yourself. Just keep on working hard and consistently and I wish you the best!

Noel Byrda year ago

Hello there from a fellow working student! Indeed college costs seem to be rising each year, which is why the allure and practicality of online learning centers seem to be a more viable option than enrolling in a full-time course in a university. First you also have to ask yourself if spending that much for a full-time college or university course is a really good option for you. These days there are now more options for people to advance their careers even without finishing a full-time course, and these can include certificate courses that probably take half as much time and money to complete which is what I’m actually doing right now.

Of course I do understand your desire to go back and complete college, as for some this is really a major milestone in life. If you really choose to do so, then I hope that you are prepared, not only in the financial aspect but also emotionally and mentally as it really is an investment of your whole being.

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