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Is there a reliable student loan calculator?

I’m looking for a reliable student loan calculator because there are some variables that need to be taken into consideration. So, the newbies cannot go without any student loan help. I’m struggling with all these new notions and terms that overwhelm any student in their preparation for graduate degree.

Getting higher education is very expensive today. Most people rely on loans and see no problem in taking one. However, I’m a little concerned about them. Are bad credit student loans a thing?

I’m searching for any advice that can help me in getting decent graduate student loans money on good terms.

Megan Page

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1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 13, 2018

Don’t worry; you don’t have to solve this problem by yourself. There are many services and people that will gladly help you. We all understand that getting a loan is not easy at all. Repaying it is even more complicated. I’m sure that your school stuff and your friends will be glad to help you either by advice or by helping you with great connections.

A graduate student loan is a necessary “accessory” that most students get to complete their higher education. The expectations of modern students are high and nobody wants to be left without proper education. Your interest rates vary on the offer you choose and the credit score you have. There are many variables that influence your credit score that, in its turn, determines the kind of loans and the interest rates you’ll get.

If you apply for federal loans, you’ll probably get a 10-year term to repay your debt. However, there is a chance to extend the period for 20 or 25 years. You can also choose income-driven plans that depend on your financial situation but result in higher interest afterward.

Speaking about student loan calculators, I can advise you two options. The first one is provided by NerdWallet. This service allows you to add all your financial aids and calculate the sum of money you will get to pay each month. Here is a link to the website

NerdWallet allows you to set up your preferred loan term, percentage rate, and the amount of money you would like to get.

The second option I can advise you is provided by Bankrate. The service can tell you how long you’ll have to pay off your student loan and estimates what your monthly payments have to be. The whole process is extremely easy. You just have to fill in the required fields and click calculate. The program will tell necessary details itself.

A bad credit student loan is also a possibility if you apply for private tuition loans. All federal offers require a family or a friend of yours to cosign your agreement. It is quite understandable considering the fact that the government has to be sure that its borrowers will pay back.

In any case, you can ask for help on student loans. There are private debt relief companies that can help you with your problem—they eliminate your student loan but will charge for their services as well. Before going to such a company, make sure that you cannot solve the problem yourself and really need help.

Larry Warren2 years ago

To complete the answer, I can advise you the FinAid calculator: The main advantage of it, to my mind, is that it can calculate not only your monthly payment but also the required salary needed to repay the debt and live in comfort, without any financial difficulties.

This student loan calculator can be used to measure both private and federal loans rates. Remember that this service is set to static rates throughout your debt period. If you have an agreement with flexible rates, you better use other programs to help you determine the right number. If your loan agreement has a minimum monthly payment, enter the figure in the required field to see the answer.

There are also many other questions meant to make the estimations more reliable like the enrollment status, degree program, and the total amount of years at school. If you want to get a precise number, fill in all fields and get the answer that will tell you whether you are ready for a loan.

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