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Is there a place or website I can access free practice tests for employment?

I have just finished my internship with a startup company after graduating college and I am looking to go into full time employment. I am nervous about what potential companies might want and not want from a person, plus I’ve heard there are these skills assessing tests now that I know nothing about. I’ve heard of employment assessments tests and preps but I’ve never actually dug that deep into them. If I can a do a mock test or any other test, I think I’d be well prepared to ace any interview.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 18, 2018

A lot of times, while writing our resumes we ‘boost’ our stats and try to make them work for us using quite colorful language. This means we are only showing the employer what we want them to see. Nowadays, you’ll find companies putting you through automatic screening first through looking for keywords in your resume. After that, if you ace the first part of the interview, you’ll find yourself in a Pre-Employment Test of some sort. Acing this means to the employer that, in addition to having the skills you have stated on your CV, you have the skills they are looking for, which are the most important.

There are websites and companies that offer free tests for practice, but these may not be as detailed as the ones that will charge you something for it. Not to discourage you, but if you pay for the premium, you’ll see why you’d rather choose them over the free ones. You’ll find great packages online tailored for different careers. As you can imagine, these tests are designed by checking what companies need and then putting the data and design into practice. We are often quick to brag about what we can do, but companies are looking beyond common place culture. They want individuals who will fit into their environments. The best way to do this is to design their own tests and see who comes close to the best line of fit.

There are several sites that offer free practice though. For most, you’ll probably be given a free trial and then you need to upgrade as the package and complexity grows. Many companies now develop their own tests for employment assessment inhouse and then submit these to staffing companies which already have the rest of the requirements. As a former intern who already has a bit of experience with corporate staffing methods and the pleasure of working with an organization, you should have an idea of what your future employer might be looking for. Study the role you are applying for first. Try to imagine what practical skills they might be needing. Do you possess those practical skills? If it is for technical disciplines just imagine that they will emphasize those skills the most, and they will test them before the actual interview.

Skills assessment is also important because companies need as few staff as possible with automation involved.

Larry Warrena year ago

I can understand the type of pressure you are under right now. Moving into full employment can be a scary task and you don’t want to blow the opportunity especially if they hand you the job. Companies try as much as possible to avoid hiring unqualified staff. You should imagine spending all that cash and then losing it to someone who missed a small part of the screening process. I’m giving you feedback as someone who works with staffing agencies and helps them develop these solutions. Most employment assessments tests are composed of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning tests based on the field of practice. For example, as an engineer you may be placed in a simulation and asked to make the best judgement and develop quick solutions. Constructive reasoning is of utmost importance especially in demanding STEM fields. Such tests are important for people like you, to prepare you.

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