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Is there a modern education reform movement?

I know that education reforms aren’t rare in our world. Century after century, people try to improve the sphere of education. We all strive knowledge, so, this is not surprising. The list of education reforms leaders has grown incredibly during the previous centuries. Is public education changing now? If yes, what education reform organizations are there? Who are the education reform movement leaders? I’d like to write an essay on a modern education reform and would like to get all possible information that you know. Any small detail is important, no matter what country you write about. There should be a worldwide reform.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on June 12, 2018

Well, your idea of an international education reform is interesting. I know that many countries are trying to improve the sphere. However, a global reform requires much time and efforts, and cooperation. But, I think, the results will be great. I hope your essay will be noticed by the right people. So, I will help you as much as I can.

Throughout the history of any country, you can trace periods of heightened education concerns. These are the systematic alterations meant to improve or change the sphere. One of the most important movements of the United States was led by Horace Mann. The man is now called a leader of American Public Education. The 19th century is a major turning point in our history. This education reform movement leader began his journey as a supervisor of education in Massachusetts. By 1850, many schools accepted his ideal and changed their principles to what we know now.

There are many examples of educational reforms in our history. Starting from the colonial era, the American government has been working hard on inventing new rules, principles, and methods. Schools are constantly modernized and experimented on even now.

As for the modern list of education reform movements, there are a few cases worth mentioning. Today, people are mostly talking about the duration of school days and an academic year, reducing absenteeism and dropout rates, implementing more technologies, improving teacher quality, funding, and more. All these issues are important and influence the quality of education greatly. I’m especially glad about the implementation of technologies. It is always great to have the visual representation of what a topic, access to presentations, interactive materials, and computers in general.

Most modern education reform movement is done by private establishments. They have more freedom to experiment and provide alternative methods. Often, they embrace children needs and curiosity, work on personal schedules, and try to find a suitable approach to every child.

As you’ve talked about international reforms and their prospects, I’d like to tell a few words about Education for All. This is a global movement by UNESCO with an objective to meet all educational needs of children and teen around the world.

There are a few other education reforms organizations including NCAA, The New Teacher Project, Students for Education Reform, and others. Here is a list of the most prominent activists of the sphere - I’m sure you can find a lot of useful information for your work there. 

Olive Wilson9 months ago

It’s true that the major change that we can see in education these days is the common use of technology in schools. Computers have become a popular and useful tool in schools and even children of small age learn how to use a computer that has games or educational software installed to play with. Unfortunately, it’s also true that we hear more about education reform in private schools than in public schools, because they can afford to make changes in their classrooms. I like those education reform organizations that work towards bringing education to every child in the world. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

I think that today reforms are a little less substantial than those made back in the 18th and 19th centuries. I think that the major change that has happened to us is the introduction of computers to our classrooms. While at the colonial times, the sphere was shaping and required more changes. That is why all those education reform movements and leaders of the past are remembered even now. However, I believe we still have many issues to work on.

To my mind, the most important part for us now is funding. While children and teens are lucky to have a sure option of going to public schools, higher education is in poor condition today. Have you heard of all those loans people have to take to finish even the basic higher education? Sometimes, they have to repay them for years. And for what? Is it really worth it? I think we all have to think hard about changing our financial future. 

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