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Is there a Mafia in every country in the world?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on August 28, 2019

Depends on what you mean by the term "Mafia." The Mafia is actually a Sicilian criminal society, and as such, does not exist, no there is a Mafia in every country. However, if you are referring to organized criminal groups, then the answer would be a tenative yes. But would first have to address what that means organized, what type of criminal activity that we're talking about, as well as how big or influential a group of needs, in order to make on your definition of "Mafia." There are small street gangs that there is, and can say that they are poorly organized. And there are major terrorist organizations that are heavily organized, but may not fit the usual definition of a "Mafia." You can even see the Right-wing Paramilitary Death Squads in South America and see some similarities to what is typically seen as the Mafia, as well as to see some differences. The point is that the "Mob" is not a clear term when used to mean anything other than the Sicilian, which was originally intended for and should not be applied to criminal groups in other places or societies since to do so would limit our points of view to something that doesn't really apply, therefore the release of them, to take advantage of these assumptions.

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