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Is there a great homework hotline that can assist me with my most challenging assignments?

I have major trouble with my homework in technical subjects especially math and science. Are there great sites or hotlines that offer science homework help? Can I get my mathematics questions answered on hotline, hopefully with a methodology to work the questions out? I have an average GPA and science is what lets me down throughout the semester. Would you recommend a great science homework helper that identifies with most of the weaknesses of students such as myself? I need to get my grades up.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 17, 2018

You can always get a great site to help you out with your homework. Even better is a hotline for homework help which gives you a more personalized feel for all the assistance that you need with your work. These offer help with a variety of subjects or topics such as math, social studies, physics, chemistry and a bunch of other K12 modules. You also have advanced calculus, languages, American History and lots of other subjects that may be giving you trouble. These offer hotline help for various reasons. You may be unable to afford a private tutor, or you may not be able to afford transportation to or make it to a tutoring center every day. Different companies offer different array of services so it would be advisable to look thoroughly into what exactly you need before requesting a tutor. They might also be available only during certain times so check their availability before doing anything.

Math questions are usually some of the most frequent for hotline help because math is generally the most challenging subject. Homework on science can also get pretty challenging but there are sites that also offer hotline help for these. Unlike other methods of solving homework which don’t involve the student putting in their own work, hotline tutoring is genuine because you are simply being tutored by someone you aren’t in personal contact with. Tutors are great because other than the experience they offer, they might have books and other resources that may not be available to you. You can also talk to these tutors about other things such as college readiness, financial aid application, applying to the best colleges and any other questions that you may have pertinent.

I have myself used help for science homework both online and also had a tutor help me out. I had a big problem grasping concepts in class and every time I used to read books It would get more complicated. All that changed when I enrolled for a hotline tutor who also kept contact with me on email. Since I didn’t have the privilege of a teacher giving me their own personal time or attention in school, this worked out for me because I had a service at my fingertips that was just as good as what I couldn’t afford. I think you should give it a try and see if your performance improves.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

There are homework hotline numbers that you can call and try to get assistance with your homework. These should however never be used as complete substitutes for your own work. The best way to learn is to practice by yourself and if it gets difficult, then you can ask for homework assistance. I personally have never used a homework hotline service though I know Live Homework Help offers such a service. What I have used are sites that offer homework assistance and a virtual tutor. I suggest that instead of looking for just answers to your assignments, get the practicalities of it. Learn how solutions are arrived at and then do some more practice by yourself. That way, even without the tutor, what you learn will always remain with you. For technical subjects like math and science, lots of practice coupled with either online or hotline tutoring will help you.

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