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Is there a good article about education today and its importance?

The importance and quality of education in a modern society is an interesting topic that has a lot of research. I’m currently working on that topic and have to present it objectively and professionally. I’m looking for a good article about education today to take it as the base of my studies. There is plenty of education information on the internet, but I need something organized and comprehensive. What do you think about education today and how does it influence our lives?

Are you happy with what we have? Or do you think that we need to improve it or even completely change?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 20, 2018

While education is the most fundamental institutions of the society, the topic of its importance and quality will remain as crucial as it is now. I think that while we all are entitled to our own opinion, there won’t be a unified answer as to the quality of education. There will always be people who are not satisfied with what we have and those who want to go back in time and bring the education methods of the past to the future.

Frankly speaking, it is not at its best right now, especially taking into account higher education. There are quite a lot of problems with it, the biggest of them is the problem of loans. I don’t think that we can speak about high-quality education when people are paying off their tuition loans for decades after finishing universities. Today, education is not in its prime.

If you want to make an objective conclusion, you have to read and reread many articles about education today and analyze what you’ve got. A useful website to look at is It has essays on various topics including education. Here, you can find a couple of works and compare their opinions and conclusions. I’ve read this some time ago - I can’t say that I completely agree with it, but the issues touched in it are really important. Besides, the website offers you related options where you can find other works on this topic.

In addition, read this article by UK Essays - It touches upon the modern model of schools and the way they would work in a perfect world. The author dwells on the importance of divergent thinking and the way to make school more connected with reality which, in my opinion, is a great way to improve the system. I like this essay a lot and recommend you to include some points to your research as they are simple yet important and effective. As far as I understand, this information about education has been submitted by a student who should be able to understand what is wrong with the system better than professors do. In addition, you can get to know a lot by asking children and student what they don’t like about school. The issue of modern education is a complex subject that requires both professional and amateur perspectives to create a full image of education and its role in the modern society.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

Well, tastes differ and we all perceive education through our own experience. There aren’t two identical opinions on the role of education in our society. Some people value it greatly, others abandon education after high school. There are also those people who go to college just to check it off their list or the list of their parents. There is no doubt that higher education is an important factor in building your career. Some positions are unavailable for people without a proper degree. However, more and more companies stop paying attention to diplomas and evaluate candidates based on their skills.

Education today is a controversial topic that raises more and more disputes. Search this website for your topic - You’ll be surprised to see that there are many different opinions.

For me, the biggest proof of the importance of education nowadays is that no matter whether you like it or not, you are a part of the system and there is no escape if you want to remain a part of modern society.

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