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Is there a full ASU academic calendar?

I’m looking for the ASU academic calendar for fall 2018-spring 2019. Is there one available in August? I’d also like to find ASU course catalog online with all classes and dates. Do you know whether the university’s website has one to offer?
Also, I’m interested in the MyASUCourses program. Do you know how to use it? How does it work?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 15, 2018

There are a few types of ASU academic calendars for the fall/spring terms. The university offers some options when it comes to an academic year including the full semesters (15 weeks plus final exams), sessions A of the first 7.5 weeks, and session B of the second 7.5 weeks; summer sessions and B – 6 weeks each and C – 8 weeks.

If you are interested in ASU classes for the upcoming term, here’s a link for the table -  It mentioned everything of interest for students. It even has the date of the schedule’s release. The late registration fees have already been introduced with the exception of Session B classes. The start of classes is on August 16. Note that the tuition payment deadline is August 25. Have you already sent a check?

As always, Labor Day is a big holiday for all students because schools are always closed. There’s also a small fall break that lasts from October 6 until October 9. The Arizona State University is also closed for Veterans’ Day on November 12.

For all sessions, there are different dates for classes end. One group finishes its studies on October 5, two others on November 30. Final exams usually follow the last day of classes or are conducted later. As always, Christmas is a sacred holiday that closes the doors of all educational establishments.

There’s also a similar schedule for the spring term offered on the website. Here’s the link in case you cannot find it yourself: 

As for the catalog of ASU courses, it’s always present on the website. Here’s a search page that will help you to find what you are looking for. Note that there is already the schedule of courses and you can check when and where a class takes place. Also, there is enough additional information like who is the instructor, the number of open seats, units, and so on. This is basically your schedule that you can add to the My ASU courses program and keep it all in one place.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

My ASU Courses is actually really great. I also like this part of the website due to the easy use and access from any device There, you’ll new news, course updates, university announcements, and have your own ASU email. This is one place that gathers all necessary school information and delivers it at the speed of light.

Also, I think ASU has a great website where students can find online versions of their calendars and schedules. Class search gives you all necessary information about the location and time, and even more. Also, I like that there’s an additional list of religious holidays that also offers free days form studies. And there are quite a few of them, especially during the spring term. A few establishments offer such information online and you have to inquire during your studies.

In general, the ASU academic calendar is well-constructed and allows students some flexibility in their studies.

Leigh Manna year ago

At first, the ASU academic calendar seems to be complicated and new students don’t know how to deal with it However, when you take some time to analyze it or consult with the school administration, you see many advantages of such approach that allow to allocate the workload throughout the whole year and make studies more flexible.

Speaking of ASU course catalog, it has a great search tool that allows you to find classes in a matter of minutes. Personally, I find it more than satisfying.  

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