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Is the USC calendar the same as the calendar from other universities?

I was looking at the USC calendar, especially the dates of the holiday break, and I wanted to know just out of curiosity if those dates are the same as the dates that appear on the UND academic calendar. I’m finishing high school and I’ll apply to USC.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 17, 2018

You have selected to study at a very good institution, because the University of Southern California is a renowned university in the field of private research.

Since you already took a look at the calendar of USC ( ), you know that the Spring Recess this year was from March 11th to March 18th. Thus, USC students got at that time 8 days of vacation.

Then there was another break for holidays between the Spring Semester and the Summer Session. Exams ended on May 9th, and that was the last day for students at college in the spring. Classes began again on May 16th for students that wanted to take the Summer Session, after a break of one week. Their summer courses will end on August 7th.

You can find the academic calendar of the University of North Dakota online on the university’s website at: 

The Spring Break at the University of North Dakota this year started on March 11th and ended on March 15th, which means that they had a break of one week just as did the students at USC.
At UND, the Finals Week – that was also the last week of classes – was from May 6th to May 10th. Students will start classes again on August 21st after a vacation of three months.

As you may have noticed, the dates on the academic calendars of the universities that you mentioned are different, though in most cases the differences are small. This is only an example, but you can make the same comparison using calendars from other universities instead of the academic calendar of UND. You will most likely find the same kind of differences.

Every educational center sets its own important dates for each academic year. This is why it is necessary that you go to, or contact by phone or e-mail, each university or college that you want to attend and ask about its specific application and registration dates. The registration dates at a given university may be almost the same as the registration dates at another university, but in most cases they will be different.

Caroline Campbella year ago

I know the University of North Dakota because I went there a few years ago to take undergraduate courses. And I remember that the dates on the academic calendar of UND were different from the important dates or deadlines in other colleges. For instance, when I was still registering for my first term at UND, some of my friends that chose to go to other universities or colleges had already registered at their universities, while there were others who had not even yet started their registration process. Fortunately, we all had the same holidays and we were able to meet at least those days. I think that the university calendars are very similar, there is just a small difference of a couple of days or in some cases a whole week. But the most important thing that you should do is to know the important dates of your own college.  

Roger Moorea year ago

I study at the University of Southern California, but to be honest I do not check regularly the USC calendar. I used to do it at the beginning of my studies, during my first year here. But now I am almost finishing my studies and I think that I already know the important dates of my college by heart. I have not seen the UND academic calendar, but I think that it is normal that each college sets its own administrative dates. Although there are not many differences after all.  

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