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Is the Stratford Career Institute accredited?

Curtis Rhodes

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Ronald Miller on April 2, 2020

You should ask the school that you are trying to reach or the employer you want to work to get that answer, but in general no they are not. The reason for this is really quite simple. On the one hand, you can not prove YOU did the work. Even the colleges and universities that offer distance learning courses that ARE legit have ways to verify that the person registered is the person who performs the work, a final exam that must be completed on campus or whatever. Another problem is that many of the courses that the SCI provides - in the real world - requires a student to 'demonstrate' the ability to do a task, not just read about doing it and able to regurgitate that information in an exam. Ask yourself a question. I would have to hire a plumber (or anyone) who got his diploma from SCI and knew that I had learned about plumbing (or anything else), not for doing it, but simply reading about it? There is No doubt that you have learned something about the topic, but you hire them? I would not do it.

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