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Is the registration for EdTech Boston Summit still open?

I’d like to visit EdTech Teacher Summit this year but there’s little time left. I know that it takes place on November 5 and it’s incredibly soon, considering the scale of the event. Yet, I hope EdTech still accepts people and I can visit it. On that note, do you know its guests? Who are the conference USA speakers? Anybody from abroad?

William Cain

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1 answer

Donald Ward on November 1, 2018

Yes, to your delight, EdTech registration is still open! Of course, you’d have to pay less if you were to hurry and sign up for the event during the early bird period. The prices are higher now but not critically. Thus, the early bird registration would cost you $445 per 2 days and the regular price is $525. There’s also an option to buy a pass for a pre-conference workshop that costs $280 now and is $30 cheaper if purchased early. Unfortunately, early bird registration doesn’t offer a 1-day pass that’s available now and costs $280. It may save you money if you have no desire to stay there for 2 days. You just choose the one day that features the most interesting topics and miss the other altogether.

As for the EdTech Summit Boston workshops, you may choose 1 of 7 offered. They all take place on November 5 and start at 8:30. The presented topics include playful learning, integration of technologies in classrooms, design thinking, and project-based learning. All speakers at such summits are the leading figures of the sphere. Know that you still have time to think about participating in such a workshop as the tickets go out of sale the day before the start of the conference. So, you can purchase the regular Summit pass for now and think about these workshops for some time.

To help you with the decision here’s a complete schedule of the event -  With it, you can choose the preferred day if you buy a one-day ticket or build your own schedule taking into account the presentations you’d like to attend. Know that the EdTEch Summit is for early risers and always starts about 8:00. Many of the events start at the same time and you’ll have to choose which ones to attend.

This USA conference will be attended by such notable professors as Dr. Mario Andrade, Jeff Beine, Tracey Heisler, and so on. The conference features both the specialists known in the country and some regular elementary or secondary teachers who also have great topics and reports to share with the public.

In general, EdTech’s schedule is filled with collaborative classrooms, lectures, and podcasts that speak to a wide audience and touch upon the current educational issues.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I agree that the EdTech schedule is rather impressive in terms of the variety of topics. However, I still think that the event should be paced differently. How can we grasp most of those topics when they are all cramped for one time? We cannot attend several presentations simultaneously, thus losing great opportunities. The problem can be easily solved by extending the schedule beyond that 3 p.m. limit. People would stay longer if they had a chance.

The speakers and their ideas sound amazing for EdTech Summit of 2018 and it’s hard to choose between some of them. I hope the speakers themselves would make their speeches short to give the audience more freedom.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

Yes, this is one of those conferences that sell their tickets till the very end. It doesn’t mean that a few people want to participate, the location just allows big numbers of people. So, a person actually has time to think before November 5 whether to attend this Summit or not.

If I were to register for EdTEch in such short time, I’d initially make sure that I get free days, book a room and tickets to Boston, and, only then, buy the actual conference pass.

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