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Is the Milwaukee summer fest ideal for families with young children?

Milwaukee music fest is coming up just when my husband and I have planned for a suitable event to attend as a family. I have never attended Milwaukee fest before, but I have often heard about it.

However, before we can make a decision, our primary concerns include safety, affordability and adequate activities for my whole family. I like that the venue is a couple of hours’ drive from where I live. However, I need to know whether Milwaukee summer fest is an event suitable for families.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on June 12, 2018

Milwaukee music festival has continually improved over the years to provide ideal entertainment for kids and adults alike. More families are now comfortable to take their kids to the event and be thoroughly entertained. Trust me; it will be one of the most memorable events for your kids.

Now to talk about the three primary concerns you have raised:


The event takes the security and safety of its visitors as top priorities. You will get a sense of these precautions from the moment you enter the venue. Each person entering the venue, including staff, must go through metal detection among other screening prerequisites to ensure that no harmful items get into the venue. If you are carrying a bag, know that it will be inspected at the gate. Additionally, large bags (a maximum bag size is given) are not allowed inside the grounds. However, if you have a small child with you, you might be granted special consideration such as being allowed to carry a bag larger than specified. Weapons and objects that can act as weapons are not allowed in the venue. If you do bring any one of these items, Milwaukee festival’s security will confiscate them. Note that you are in charge of the safety of personal items left in your vehicle. So, ensure you park your car in a safe place and lock it for its safety and also for the things you leave inside it.


The price per one adult person for the entire duration of the festival, usually 11 days, is $100 at the Summerfest online store. This ticket allows you to access the festival grounds excluding the amphitheater shows (amphitheater shows are priced separately). However, you may not need to pay $100 for every member of your family. If you have kids under ten years but older than three years, you will only need to pay $9 per kid. All children under two years enter the venue free. There are affordable price plans for those who don’t wish to attend the event for all 11 days.

Family activities

Milwaukee Summerfest has tons of activities for family set-up. I will mention some three activities you and your family might enjoy:

  • School of Rock where you watch talented kid bands perform on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Summerfest fireworks show.
  • Paddle at the Lake. There are daily 30-minute paddleboat tours by the lake in groups of four. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Unless you are planning to attend the full 11 days of the Milwaukee summer fest, I recommend going for the 3-day pricing plan to save on cash. You may also want to budget extra for food, family activities and places you might want to visit in the city of Milwaukee. I would like to suggest some more affordable family activities that might be exciting for your kids.

Children’s theater: this theater also has a play zone for kids and provides entertainment for the whole family. It is open daily from midday till 20:00 with exciting performances. Find the performer list from the line-up page on their official website.

Kid’s activity tent: open from 12:00 to 5:00 pm, your kids will love the music experience they will get. There is real-life stage equipment available for kids of all ages. There are also remote-controlled robots, built by high school teenagers for kids to try out. 

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