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Is the importance of education a little bit exaggerated?

I am a student and I enjoy studying but now I want to take a break as I have an opportunity to go abroad to be a handyman and to earn some money. But my parents value education very much and they are firmly against this hiatus. They think education is necessary. What is the role of education today? Is the importance of education really so high? Why is education so important?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on July 18, 2018

That is good that you are eager to earn money yourself but I should say that it is true that education is of high importance nowadays. Let us think of it more thoroughly.

Firstly, what is education like at all? It is a process of acquiring knowledge and skills for a future practical activity that is supposed to provide for your living. So, you can consider education to be a kind of insurance. Let us imagine that you know about some disaster that is going to happen in the future. What would you do then? Would you sit still until it happens and kills you or hurts you? Of course, no! You would learn how to live though this disaster-to-be with the least damage, you would do your best to protect yourself. You would not be completely confident that everything will be OK, but, at least, you would do everything you could. Today’s education is a sort of protection against some possible future disasters. Education gives you a chance to avoid poverty, to have a job, to be a competitive employee, to develop, to have employment benefits etc. Of course, no one can guarantee that, if you have received education, you inevitably will be successful, but, at least, it gives you a chance to be.

Secondly, an educated employee is more appreciated by an employer. You know, there are even different terms for money paid to qualified workers (salary) and to unqualified ones (wages). Here you can see how payments differ depending on education: , . That is why people value the education.

Finally, let us think about your particular situation. There are three points in it: Education – Money – Going abroad. You can be surprised, but you can combine all of them without any damage. If you want to work to get money, you can find some part-time job that would not interrupt your education in your native town or city. It can be even a job within your specialty and it will be a useful practice for you. Concerning going abroad, you can use one of those programs allowing students to take part in different contests, conferences, or courses that are held abroad. Some of them cover your costs. Ask your teachers about them. It is a good way to travel and to add to your education.
Now you see the role of education and can answer yourself why education is so important.

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