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Is the Church a credible source for information?

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on August 22, 2019

A: A credible source is a source that is credible and worthy of belief. For his followers, the Church is certainly credible, but if this is true on an objective basis Is another matter. The question is not whether the Bible is credible, but, simply, if the Church. The Churches, almost unanimously, to continue to insist that the Gospels of Matthew and John were written by eye-witnesses of the events described, and that the Gospels of Mark and Luke were written independently by the first apostles - simply ignoring an overwhelming consensus of New Testament scholars to the contrary. We also know that the Bible has undergone many changes over the centuries, and there are many passages that we now know to have been altered or even long after the original books were written. The failure of Christian Churches to recognize these interpolations and have been removed from Bibles should affect the credibility of the Churches as a whole. A credible source of information can challenge findings with which it disagrees, suggesting alternative explanations for the evidence, but it can never simply ignore them. The Catholic Church is unique in its commitment during the last two centuries to hagiology - the veneration or even worship of the saints. The claims of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Guadalupe, Fatima, Lourdes and other places, can do much to maintain the support and commitment of the faithful, but also undermine the credibility of the Church. Claims about the tilma of Guadalupe, such as the portrait of to have a beating heart, and the portrait of the eyes of to have miraculous properties belong to the realm of fantasy or in fact fraud. The implicit or even overt support given by the Church to the claims seem to demonstrate an institution unconcerned with credibility. The role of the Church is to gain followers and hold on to them. Although there are many honorable clergy, some in the hierarchy of the Church seem willing to believe and say what is needed to achieve this goal. If the information provided seems doubtful, it would be wise to chack with an independent and impartial source.

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