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Is the ASU calendar on the official website accurate?

It seems to me that the ASU calendar on the website is a bit strange. However, that will be my first year at the university and I’m a bit confused about the whole deal. So, can I trust that academic calendar ASU offers? Also, is there an ASU finals schedule with the exact dates? I’ll have to visit the ASU graduation of my cousin and I am not sure I’ll be free that day.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on August 16, 2018

Yes, that calendar of an ASU academic year is posted on the official website. Why do you think you can’t trust it? I’d say that this is the only place you can completely trust in this matter. If it seems a bit confusing to you, it’s just those sessions and many terms you are probably not used to. Here, an academic year is a bit different from high schools. Just take a bit of time to look through it and you’ll understand how it works. Also, you should ask your supervisor or the graduating cousin about the things that are confusing. They’ll help you.

I find ASU academic calendars to be very detailed and informative. First of all, there are a few of them online dedicated to certain occasions and demands. There’s also a list of all religious holidays the university (deems) to be a pass out of classes (you can find them all right here: ) which is a rarity in comparison with other school websites. Many of them don’t provide this information online and students have to find out on their own asking professors and administration for help.

In addition, there’s a financial aid calendar with all deadlines, priorities, and requirements. I suggest you pay special attention to this schedule as it significantly raises your chances of success. Make sure to follow all deadlines or, better, try to be even faster. Apply among the first students and get better chances. The calendar touches upon all important dates for the full year ahead. It’s constantly updated if any changes are made. Here’s a link for you:  

You’ve asked about the schedule of ASU finals. There’s such a list too. I must admit that’s great to know the exact schedule in August when you can reschedule your winter plans if you have any. Here’s a link:  2018 Be sure to read a short description before the table as it contains important information.

Charles McAleara year ago

You’ve forgotten to mention the ASU tuition deadlines calendar. It’s also present on the website among all those other schedules and lists. It’s meant for the upcoming fall term and is presented in an informative table. All those deadlines and fees are described alongside the requirements and some tips. Each date has a description that is obligatory to read because some of them don’t apply to certain kinds of students or registrations.

As for the ASU academic calendar, it’s perfectly normal and clear to me. I agree that this is the only place you can trust (well, except for the school administration office.) It’s wonderful ho well-organized the Arizona State University is. It provides all schedules and calendars in advance and always makes changes in them when needed.

My favorite is the calendar of holidays as they give students free days and an opportunity to rest.

Larry Warrena year ago

Is that financial ASU calendar meant only for the federal aid? Or are all scholarships, loans, etc. are included as well. It’s not easy to search for all those deadlines separately. So, I also hope ASU’s website provides accurate information because even one-day delay can ruin everything for a student, especially when it concerns financial situations.

The ASU finals schedule is a pleasant surprise for me, but I don’t actually see its purpose so early in before the term. The calendar already has dates announced and the exact timings won’t do you any good right now.  

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