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Is studying abroad in Spain a good choice for a student?

Studying abroad in Spain is a dream for most students. I don’t know why, but the trend is strong and many people go there. Maybe it’s the quality of education, maybe the rich history and siestas. The popularity of this country amount student is clear.

So, I’m here with the next question: can you advise me any study abroad graduate programs or simple credit courses that are suitable for Spain? I guess, most programs and companies have to work with Spain as its popularity is constantly rising, but I’d like to know your personal opinions on the matter. Are there many good universities with study abroad programs? Thank you for your help.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 19, 2018

There are many locations in this country that fascinate people with their uniqueness and culture. I think that the popularity of this country among international exchange students is caused by the warm climate, avid historical activity, and the quality of universities. I would say that the first two factors play the most important role as there are many famous top-notch universities around the Europe. So, why else choose Spain? Actually, there are many other reasons including the language and people’s hospitality.

Before you decide to study abroad in Spain, you have to prepare for the experience and find a reliable program to help you. Choose the length of the study. Think about the possible accommodations and apply beforehand as the number of places is usually very limited. You can opt to stay in a family if you would like to immerse in the lives of the culture completely.

So, the most important choice to make is to find the right company and program for you. I suggest you to browse through the programs provided by CIEE. Looking at its options for Spain, you’ll see four available cities, dozens of programs that are very flexible. The organization provides such options as studying for a summer, semester, or year. The variety of majors includes liberal arts and language, business, education, new media, architecture, and many more.

CIEE is a diverse organization that gives its members the access to volunteering works, studies, cultural clubs and activities participation, and direct enrollment options.

One of the most notable programs is studying language and culture in Alicante. The program has the most positive reviews from the acquaintances of mine. Besides, this is exactly what you’ll be interested in while living in this country. This abroad graduate study program allows you to rapidly improve your Spanish, attend many university-level classes from art to women’s studies, and learn from the professional faculty of the Universidad de Alicante. This is a university with a study abroad program designed specifically for people learning Spanish as a second language.

In addition, you can hope to get a good exchange student scholarship. Last year, for example, the participants of the program were awarded over 1000 scholarships. There are three kinds of funding that you may get: CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant, Global Access Initiative Grants, and Ping Scholarships for Academic Excellence. Read the full information about them here:

Of course, there are many other options for you to choose from. Just decide what you’ll like to study and for how long.

Olive Wilsona year ago

Yes, I’ve also heard a lot about this program. The feedback is great. However, there is another offer that is quite popular among American students—Communications, New Media & Journalism English. I think that this direction is so popular because of the language it is taught in. Just imagine that you can live in Seville, get to know its culture, and relax walking along those beautiful streets while studying the courses in your native language. Of course, you won’t know Spanish perfectly, but you’ll still be living surrounded by it and will have no choice but to learn to understand people. The courses last for only 15 weeks from September to December.

Increase our knowledge of contemporary media culture while studying abroad in Spain. Isn’t it the dream of most young people?

Going for an exchange program to Spain is a really great experience to boost your independence and make lifelong friends.

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