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Is student loan repayment significant?

Every year the government under its budget allocates money to students through the ministry. The amount awarded is sufficient for scholars to have a certain percentage of the money for fees and upkeep. Non-native students can also acquire international student loans. While this is an excellent opportunity for students, I have always felt that this should be a grant to save the graduates from the hustle of loan repayment. Some people may suggest repayment options such as school loan consolidation or student loan deferment. The concern leaves me with questions whether it helps students, especially when they don’t get employment sooner. Is student loan repayment imperative?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on April 16, 2018

Students’ loan repayment is one of the hardest things for most of us. It is even harder when you study and know that there is a loan accumulating waiting for you to clear in due course. I am one of those who had such a mind and I was looking for possible ways to avoid loan repayment. After graduating from university, I was so passionate about my career and was so sure to secure employment in less than two months. That did not happen and, I was frustrated and downcast. That is the ultimate reason I am here to help you find an answer for this question.

It is imperative to be responsible enough to carry out the duties that demand our attention like repaying loans. Many needy students are out waiting for such to facilitate their education. I am one of the beneficiaries of international students loan, and over time I have learned that repaying is one way of thanksgiving to the government, for without such I wouldn’t be able to be educated to this level. The government can run this program for years because of those dedicated to repaying such loans.

One of the ways that can be so effective is the idea of consolidating school loans. This program helps students to pay less amount of money at the end of each month, though, through the extended period. I encourage this because it eases the budget that one does not have to overstretch to pay the minimal amount. The current repayment schedules reduce and distribute the payment over several the years. It reduces the related pressure allowing people to pay depending on their income.

There are moments in one’s payment plan when he or she get surplus. Similarly, there could be times when one hardly gets enough to run his or her budget. In such cases, students loans deferment becomes the best alternative to help one stop repaying the loan for a while, or reduce the amount payable for a particular period requested before stabilizing.

Repayment of loans, in this case, is vital for the common good. It can be sometimes hectic, but with the options available, you can comfortably settle the loan. It will not be a burden but rather a responsibility to be undertaken in support of someone else’s education just as it was or is helpful to you. Through our commitment, we help those behind us and support the government to do its work.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I couldn’t agree less on student loan repayment. I know that repaying loans is one of the best ways to appreciate the government for the support granted in the provision of such opportunities where students can access loans to further their studies. I benefited from students loans, and am so proud today because of what was laid in place long ago for students. All I have to do is to encourage every student who is a beneficiary of the same to do all it takes to pay their loans. Funding is the only sure way that the generations to come will enjoy the same investments. I am settling my student loan, and I cannot complain because it was my savior when I needed it most. Other students need it much than I did and through this, I am confident that they will access loans to finance their education. Therefore, our justice is loan repayment.

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