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Is Silvio Berlusconi related to the mafia?

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on April 19, 2018

I think IT's the mafia. Vittorio Mangano was life,-he said-gangster who worked for many years Silvio Berlusconi as horsekeeper at the Villa, although it seems that not have not been on a horse. The judge Paulo Borsellino in his last interview called Mangano the mafia link to North Italy. He further mentioned that there were several researches in connection with Silvio Berlusconi, Vittorio Mangano and Marcello Dell utri( co-founder of Forza Italia and sentenced to 9 years for external Association with the mafia) This interview was in the TV channel, and that nobody in Italy never seen... and 4 days later, his friend and colleaque judge Giovanni Falcone, he died in 'starge di capaci'. Hunderd meters from the road was destroyed. This man had to die... Two months later, Borsellino died in one of Italy's most brutal attacks using bombs. His diary was never found... a week before the 2008 election, Silvio Berlusconi has confirmed that Vittorio Mangano was a hero because he never said that, under pressure compromising things about Berlusconi and several times convicted and mafia related Senator Dell Utri(video on youtube) Hans Ceustermans,Belgium Source(s): Vittorio Mangano Wikipedia Paolo Borsellino Wikipedia the last interview of judge Paolo Borsellino Silvio Berlusconi on Youtube that confirms that Vitttorio Mangano was a hero "strage di Capaci' *************************************************** the source of the fortune of Silvio Berlusconi has never been clarified. Then all the facts that are all described in the book "L"odore dei soldi"( the scent of money), Elio Veltri and Marco Travaglio, published in 2001. Silvio Berlusconi tried twice to prosecute for libel, but lost in both cases. Milanese Bank", "Banking Rasini", has been cited by Michele Sindona (P2 lodge member as Silvio Berlusconi) , as well as in numerous official documents prepared by the judges of the investigations of the mafia, as the principle Bank used by the mafia for money laundering in Northern Italy. Included in the Bank Rasini's clients were Pippo CalÃ2, TotÃ2 Riina and Bernardo Provenzano, during the years that formed the "cupola" (leadership) of the mafia. In those same years a certain Mr. Luigi Berlusconi, father of Silvio Berlusconi, was an employee of the Bank Rasini, first as a clerk, then as "the Lawyer with the signature law", and finally as a Manager. During the 1970-ies, however, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi registered twenty-three holding companies with banks Rasini as "hairdresser's and Aesthetics"... In 1979, the Customs Officer, Massimo Maria Berruti, he refused the Italian "Guardia di Finanza". He headed research on the part of the "Guardia di Finanza" in twenty-three holding companies registered in the Bank Rasini, and they were subsequently responsible for the closure of the investigation. Immediately after his resignation, however, Mr Massimo Maria Berruti was hired by Berlusconi's main holiday, Fininvest. Unfortunately, the files for the Bank Rasini burned in the fire because of the mysterious fire... Source(s): Michelle Sandoná Bernardo Provenzano receipt for payment of the P2 membership of Silvio Berlusconi'iscrizione_del_dott._Silvio_Berlusconi_alla_loggia_massonica_P2.gif

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